Sad news from Sugar Hill: With much sadness and deep regret, we’ve chosen to cancel our market and barn sale. Due to the lack of vendors, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have the best barn sale and market possible and I rather have no sale than a bad sale. The vendors who did sign up and were planning on coming were WONDERFUL and were bringing some really amazing merchandise, but I couldn’t ask them to come and set up without feeling confident we would have a great sale, that just wouldn’t be fair to those vendors. Vendors work too hard, too many hours, and are too dedicated to set up at a sale that won’t live up to its past and full potential. I am truly sorry.

To those vendors who were planning on joining us, I’ve reached out to all of you via email this past weekend. I am so very sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate the support and love you have given to us for this sale and in the past sales. I was so looking forward to see returning vendors and meeting new ones, I’m so sorry. Thank you all so, so much.

To those coming to join us in shopping, eating, pickin’, vistin’, and of course, junkin’, thank you all so very much for putting us on your busy October calendar and planning a trip to Sugar Hill. I so appreciate our guests, ones that have always came out and supported us and our vendors and those who were planning on this to be their first trip to our barn sale. I will miss you all so very much. It seems we’ve had a hard road to hold since our 2nd sale in April of 2017.

We had to cancel abruptly due to the “Ozark monsoon” and the flooding in north AR and south MO. Then after re-scheduling for 6 weeks later, my sweet momma, who was the original picker and who was barn pickin’ in the 50’s in cow sheds, farm houses, rigidity shacks, and on abandoned homesteads before junkin was cool and who’s junkin’ legacy has been past on down to me, Big Sis, and now my daughter, became tired of fighting dementia and diabetes, my focus turned from junkin’ on Sugar Hill to being with her and less than a week before the re-scheduled sale, we laid her to rest at Hickory Grove. We pushed on, she would not had it any other way, and we had a very good barn sale less than a week later. It was my therapy and Momma was with us. I had already scheduled another sale that Oct. (Oct 2017), but I just didn’t have it in me.

I was so excited in planning and working on the upcoming sale at the end of this month, I started early in the year, I really put all my creativity into it and I’m just heartbroken to have to cancel, but so thankful and feel very blessed for those who were planning on joining us as a vendor or a “junker”.

Again, I’m truly very sorry for any inconveniences. I hope to step back, reflect and re-evaluate. I feel as though I have failed in many ways, but I’ve been blessed abundantly more knowing I’ve met, visited, and shared with some amazing folks who have been vendors and/or guests at the Sugar Hill Markets. Hopefully, I can come up with a better plan, better weekend, better anything to be able to have another successful barn sale.

For those who had me reserve T-shirts back, that’s another story. The company I always use sent the T-shirts, they are adorable, but the T-shirts themselves are horrible. They shrunk 2 sizes after washing. I absolutely refuse to sell these shirts. I’m working with the T-shirt company now. These t shirts were huge hits and I will have them for sale again, hopefully sooner than later, reprinted on good quality shirts. To each of you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my family’s hearts. We will truly miss seeing each of the ones we have met along the way and those we would have met in a couple of weeks.